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For many of us the term recycling has come to mean filling a plastic container with paper, glass and metal waste to leave on the curb for weekly pickup. As a farmer and rancher in the high desert region of eastern Oregon, Jeff Lynch regards recycling as a way of life.
the skilled craftsmen Jeff lives and works on land where archeological evidence revealing 12,000 years of human occupation is uncovered daily. He is constantly reminded of a time when nothing went to waste. Coupled with the fact that a “trip to town” for supplies is a 160 mile endeavor, Jeff is understandably consumed with reducing unnecessary consumption.

Jeff spends every day of his life creating ways to reduce and reuse. He has built furniture, fencing, tools, toys, machinery, musical instruments, hardware, houses, corals, barns and other large ranch structures using recycled material. He has gained a solid reputation for producing high quality products using recycled goods.
the drum maker
the drum maker
All Re-Done Drums are made primarily from
recycled materials.

Jeff particularly enjoys working with century-old material abandoned by early European settlers in the Great Basin. In many ways the current lifestyles of farmers and ranchers in this region remain unchanged from those of their predecessors. Jeff considers working with such rich and storied material a joy and a privilege and seeks to preserve both the cultural and natural history of his homeland through his work.

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